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I am a former ballerina, current broke 20-something, internal goth with big breasts and a bigger laugh. I live a boring life and am very interested in the lives, viewpoints, religion and sex of others. I naturally overshare, and encouraging others to do the same delights me. I came up with the idea of a podcast after having priceless conversations with friends from different walks of life. Feeling like this would not only help exercise my mind weekly, but encourage me to push pass my comfort zone, I linked up with a kick ass producer and an infamous shit talker. With them by my side I hope for the podcast to be fun, insightful, informative and outrageous.



My colonized name is Eric. I was created in Baltimore City where I developed a penchant for making beats and writing interesting stuff. My experience lies in fatherhood, freaky things and nerd life. I talk so much that I ended up becoming co-host of this podcast. Since then Alt-Black has been an outlet for me to explore a range of different things. And a place for me to be outrageous without people looking at me like I'm crazy.

You can catch me and my other content at the plugs below.


Twitter: @actionbastard

Instagram: @wholetimeitsactionbastard



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