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 What We're About 

Alt-Black is a podcast created to highlight all areas of the alternative black spectrum. 

Black people are complex, multifaceted, and into any and everything! We wanted to make a podcast as diverse as our community. And our reach is vast. You can expect episodes on everything from wrestling to drag, Brujeria to anime. No culture is too niche or too taboo to be beyond our scope. Podcast episodes air every week! So join us on our journey as we discuss cultures that we love and are involved with, and explore and learn from those we aren't. Welcome to the community.

Beyond creating audio content, we strive to foster a community among our listeners. Many of our special guests are listeners as well, so if you are knowledgeable on a topic we haven't discussed, or know someone who is, hit us up! Or if there's a fan fiction, artwork, think piece, or commentary you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you.

And remember, keep your spirit clean, and your mind dirty ;)

~ Alt-Black Fam


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